There's SomeTHING in My Basement

There's SomeTHING in My Basement


There’s SomeTHING in My Basement

Nicole Osborne

This book is dedicated to those who have supported me on this journey, taught me to take risks, and encouraged me to follow my dreams.      

Everyone is afraid of someTHING. It’s those fears that hold you back, control your thoughts, and make you worry. But what if you didn’t have that fear? What if YOU, instead of fear, controlled your thoughts, your actions, your reactions?

There’s SomeTHING in My Basement is about a boy who is afraid. He has no control over his thoughts or actions, and he can’t seem to figure out what to do. In a moment of weakness, he panics! His mind races with crazy scenarios, his body is shaking, his heart pounding, and he runs fast as he can. In the end, he’s able to uncover the truth. Imagine his surprise when he finds some THINGS aren’t always what they seem.

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